For those special occasions. 

Our hotel is perfect for small parties and special occasions.

Especially if you are looking for something unique and highly individual:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Christmas celebrations
  • New Year celebrations, etc.


We can host up to 100 guests for dinner in our large Lounge.

With some extra capacity for children under 12 years old on request.

Whatever your special event is, please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.

Please contact Olafur Sigurdsson Marketing Manager, email

Corporate events.

We cater to your business meeting needs:

  • Boardroom meetings
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Small corporate events

We will provide you with the technical equipment you need for your meetings.

Please contact Olafur Sigurdsson Marketing Manager email 

Stargazing at our hotel.

So close to the top of the world, with nearly 20 hours of darkness a day in the depths of winter.

Iceland has become known as one of the best places on earth to pursue the wonders of the sky.

Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights – a view from the hotel.

The Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis appear, on a regular basis.  From the beginning of September to the end of March.


Northern lights are visible during the dark part of the day and you need clear skies to observe them. During the rainy days or just when the sky is cloudy it´s unlikely we will observe the lights, and there are many rainy and cloudy days in Iceland.