Environmental and Community Policy at 360 Hotel

We will make every effort to contribute positively to all aspects of environmental and sustainability issues.
We will urge our customers and employees to respect the environment and inform how them how to minimize waste.
We will avoid using disposable products and use all materials sparingly.
We aim to reduce the use of energy with maintenance and alertness.
We will ask our customers to consume our tap water rather than bottled water and use towels more than once.
We will educate our guests and inform them about the history and culture of the local area.
We will also aim to collaborate with companies in the area.
We will use eco-friendly transportation for our procurement.
We will recycle waste and bring to our local waste transfer and recycling station.
Over 100,000 trees have been planted on the grounds around the hotel and we aim to continue preserving our local nature to build a better planet for us all.
We will provide good accessibility to the hotel for our visitors by creating paths and add clear signage.
We will work with the local community as much as possible and show social responsibility.